central nucléaire

Nuclear dismantling:
We have received an EDF award

As a nuclear provider, our group won first prize in the EDF 2015 safety challenge for dismantling the Belleville-sur-Loire nuclear plant in the Cher department.

Dismantling transformers is a complex and sensitive task requiring numerous safety precautions. Implementing strict risk management procedures is essential in this work, particularly to protect the employees and the environment.



sirmet sncf

Railway deconstruction and asbestos removal

We are demolishing and depolluting contaminated rolling stock for the SNCF at Brive and Angoulême.
We have the necessary skills and authorisations to deconstruct railway equipment, which enable us to handle
this entire procedure, without having to call on outside help.



Convenience, transparency and innovative solutions

Working for large firms, individual contractors, SMEs and municipalities, we help each partner to recycle their end-of-life materials. We constantly innovate to find an increasingly efficient and sustainable range of services.  Environment protection is in the DNA of our recovery business.
We are a committed family business that has now become a cross-border group with local networks in France and Spain. Each of our sites maintains the founding values of the group: quality, trust, protection of the environment and innovation.



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