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Ensuring QUALITY

In 2005 our group adopted a multi-site quality management system approved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for the protection of the environment. Our policy is to invest to anticipate future regulation and offer services that meet all standards and are highly efficient. We have the approval of the Adour-Garonne Water Agency to manage the transport of hazardous waste: our group therefore makes huge savings for our clients in investment for the environment.

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We have a very long-term view of our development, which places our environment policy at the heart of our business. As a promoter of the circular economy, we make it our goal to protect the environment. This desire commits the group to proactively limiting the impact of our business on the natural environment. We partner with responsible municipalities and companies that share the same preoccupation with the environment.

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Optimising SAFETY

We provide the most suitable operating capacities with experienced teams to ensure the safety and quality of our interventions. In each of our sites, we have opted for maximum safety with the latest means of identification and control: radiation portal monitors, spectrometric monitoring stations and hand-held metal scanners. Each arrival is automatically quality checked and scanned for radiation.

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Preparing for theFUTURE

Innovation to build our future. We invest in and guide the introduction of new solutions that anticipate companies’ future stakes and needs. 
We spend 1% of our budget on innovative project research and development.

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Certifications and approvals


Since early January 2014, all our sites (SIRMET 16 Angoulême, SIRMET 19 Brive, SIRMET 24 Bergerac and SIRMET 24 Périgueux) have ISO 14001 (renewal), ISO 9001 (new) and OHSAS18001 (new) certification.

ISO 14001 :
ISO 14001 certification allows us to manage the relation between our classified facilities with the environment using tools to identify the relevant regulations, identify and control our environmental impacts and improve our environmental performance.

ISO 9001 :
ISO 9001 certification enables us to manage the product requirements with our suppliers and our customers. We have therefore introduced processes to measure product quality to meet customer requirements and improve product quality.

OHSAS 18001 :
OHSAS 18001 certification enables us to manage the risks to which our employees are exposed. Our occupational health and safety management system creates a healthy, safe working environment. This enables us to identify and routinely manage all risks to health and safety, reduce the number of accidents, comply with the legislation and improve our general performance.

Dismantling of infrastructure and rolling stock.

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