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Our values

Preserving the Environment


The dynamics of the SIRMET group is reflected in its long-term environmental policy, intended in particular, to limit the impact of its activity on the natural environment.

For some years, environmental management has become one of the main concerns of communities and citizens. As a major player nationwide, our group ensures environmentally acceptable waste handling.


Ensuring Quality


Since 2005, the SIRMET group has adopted an ISO 14001 Environment Management System through ‘multi-site’ certification.

Thanks to its conscientiousness in managing hazardous waste in transit, SIRMET 19 Brive is the only transit site for Low Quantity Hazardous Waste in Corrèze.


ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001


Since the start of January 2014, all SIRMET sites, namely SIRMET 16 Angoulême, SIRMET 19 Brive, SIRMET 24 Bergerac and SIRMET 24 Périgueux, are certified ISO 14001 (renewal), ISO 9001 (new) and OHSAS18001 (new).

ISO 14001 :

ISO 14001 certification is a framework for classified facilities of the SIRMET group to manage their relationship with the environment by using tools enabling the relevant regulation to be identified, to identify and control our environmental impacts and improve our environmental performance.

ISO 9001 :

ISO 9001 certification enables product requirements to be managed with suppliers and customers of the SIRMET group. For that purpose we have implemented processes enabling the quality of the products to be measured so as to respect customer requirements and improve the quality of the products.

OHSAS 18001 :

OHSAS 18001 certification enables risks to be managed to which employees of the SIRMET group are exposed. The health and safety at work management system enables a safe and healthy working environment to be created.  Thanks to this structure the SIRMET group can identify and systematically manage risks in terms of health and safety, to reduce the number of accidents, comply with legislation and improve its general performance.


Optimise Safety


The SIRMET group has adopted maximum site safety with the most modern means of identification and control :

- Radiation portal monitors

- Spectrometric monitoring stations

- Hand-held metal scanners

Every arrival is automatically subject to metal radiation detection and quality control.


Preparation for the Future 


The SIRMET group devotes 1% of its budget to innovative project research and development.

For the optimisation of energy valorisation from recycling ELVs (End of Life Vehicles), an SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) production facility was installed on the site of SIRMET 24 Périgueux (Boulazac) to provide, from light ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) a substitute fuel to cement works.