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End of life pleasure craft


The SIRMET group handles the recycling of end of life pleasure craft according to APER* standards :

1) Registration of the boat as an end of life pleasure craft, to proceed with its removal administratively.

2) Decommissioning of boat : removal of masts and shrouds, removal of keel, ballasts, rudder blades, recuperation of ‘unattached’ and mobile ensembles (sails, anchor, etc.)
3) Decontamination of the boat : recycling of hydrocarbons, oils, etc.
4) Selective dismantling of metal sub-assemblies, furniture, electrical equipment

5) Separation of the hull and deck, removal of materials, except composites, from sub-assemblies

6) Multi-thread management of the different materials.

photo 1 épave de bateau de pêcheurphoto 2 épave de petit bateau plaisance

photo 3 épave bateau de plaisancephoto 4 épave hors d'eau de bateau pêcheur


Thanks to its mobile end of life pleasure craft facility and its sites close to the Atlantic and Mediterranean, the SIRMET group guarantees pleasure craft operators and professionals complete traceability of the deconstruction and recycling of end of life pleasure craft, through to the transformation of polyester into alternative fuel (SRF) for cement works.
*APER : Association for eco-friendly pleasure boating