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Asbestos Removal (MPCA)


On its Brive site, the SIRMET group has established a permanent facility for asbestos removal in the context of separation processes for Materials or Products Containing Asbestos (MPCA).
This permanent facility, created for a 5-year framework contract with EDF in partnership with MTS, a subsidiary of VINCI, and BENEDETTI, enables asbestos removal and cleaning in the same zone, before disposal of the materials processed.
It was designed for asbestos removal from penstocks and all scrap metal from hydroelectric dams, measuring up to 6 m long by 3 m wide.
These materials, covered with paint or other materials possibly containing asbestos, are stripped using an ultra high pressure (UHP) 2,500 bar jet and then recycled as scrap metal by the SIRMET group.


This treatment unit is also adapted to meet the requirements of decontaminating scrap metal: lead, fat, various paint, etc.